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Thanks to the generosity of the Burton family, the PGO has been able to offer scholarships since 2018 to therapists, nurses, and others who want to pursue education towards assisting people with Parkinson’s. The scholarship helps support the education of people interested in helping families with Parkinson’s disease. Whether it be training for LSVT Loud or a Rock Steady Boxing certification, we’re committed to helping people who want to help those with PD.


  • PGO does not provide Parkinson's training courses for instructors. The scholarship program allows us to assist with the training/certification costs provided by external entities after the applicant has decided upon a training program they plan to pursue.

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to select their own Parkinson's training program that would best fit their interest, field of study, professional experience, etc. We cannot advise which training program for the applicant to pursue as each program entails a different set of skills, academic/background knowledge, or additional coursework/educational prerequisites.

  • The applicant is responsible for making sure they have reviewed and met the framework requirements for their particular training program.

  • Scholarships are accepted on an ongoing basis.

  • Funding amount is determined by a case-by-case basis.

  • Only one training request is allowed per application.

  • All supporting documents must be received at the time the application form is submitted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Submitted applications will be evaluated by our Board of Directors at their next monthly meeting. Recipients will be notified via email of the board’s decision within a month of the meeting.

For questions, contact us at 417-814-6067 or

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Meet Our Scholarship Awardees
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